Our Products

We are specialist in the procurement of recycled metals and converting these to products that will meet the raw material needs of our clients in the metals industry. Thus if you need raw materials as feed stock, we are the professionals to talk to.


We supply our customers with high quality, dense bales. A 400 x 400 x valuable size bale that is a perfect size for almost all foundries. Sasolburg Scrap Metal produces the following bales:

Sheared Steel

"Discarded metal suitable for reprocessing"

Sasolburg Scrap Metal is well-known for the high quality ISRI standard grade steel. Our processing plant is one of the most technologically advanced plants in southern Africa. All size and thicknesses available.

We supply the following sheared steel:

Granulation Plant

Copper and aluminium cable granulators that specializes in processing of all kinds of automotive wire, communication cables and other scrap wires. Furthermore it can process miscellaneous wire that cannot be handled by a wire stripping machine. After the crushing process, the products are seperated by magnets, vibration sieve and air. No secondary pollution in the whole dry type processing. We also make use of a water seperation process to recover the finer valuables. The following granules are produced: